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If your original songs are streamed on digital music services, or used on social networks like YouTube and TikTok, you have publishing royalties waiting to be collected. Don't miss out!

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Protect your original songs, collect all the money your music generates, and professionalize your songwriter rights — with ReverbNation Publishing. Earn more from your songs and give up ZERO rights.

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Your song was streamed on services like Spotify, Apple Music & more

Publishing is difficult without a partner

Songwriter royalties are NOT paid automatically. Collecting ALL your publishing money worldwide is a complicated process that requires an expert team to do it right. Claiming this money on your own is nearly impossible. But with ReverbNation Publishing, it's simple.

  1. 1. Tell us about your song

    Simply provide your song title, writer details, and other basic information. We'll handle the rest!

  2. 2. We collect your royalties

    In partnership with Warner Chappell Music, our team of experts will find and collect what you're owed. So you can keep on writing music.

  3. 3. You get paid

    The royalties you earned are deposited directly into your ReverbNation account.



Warner Chappell Music

Music publishing services for ReverbNation users are powered by Warner Chappell Music, the world-class publishing arm of Warner Music Group. That's major label reach on your terms.


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  • What is ReverbNation Publishing?

    ReverbNation Publishing allows songwriters to earn more money from their music. Specifically, we help you claim and collect your publishing royalties. These songwriter royalties are generated when your original compositions (melody and lyrics) get streams and views, performed live, covered by other artists, used in film, TV, video games, or commercials, and more.

    Publishing royalties are much more complex than sound recording payments. Royalties do not automatically pass to songwriters in the same manner or timing as they do for artists distributing music. With publishing royalties, it often takes at least 6 or 9 months for royalties to be paid out after the use of a song with the money flowing through different music societies in different countries.

  • Who is ReverbNation Publishing for?

    If you are a songwriter without a publisher or Publishing Administrator, your underlying songwriting is generating royalties that you aren't collecting fully. Even if you are a member of a Performing Rights Organization, you are still leaving a significant amount of your publishing royalties uncollected, such as all of your Mechanical Royalties. By working with ReverbNation Publishing, your songs will be administered and have royalties collected alongside some of the biggest songs in the world by major music publisher Warner Chappell Music, the publishing arm of Warner Music Group.

  • Am I being considered for ReverbNation Publishing?

    It is free to submit an inquiry to work with ReverbNation Publishing as your Publishing Administrator. ReverbNation will be reviewing and onboarding songwriters on an ongoing basis. After being accepted into ReverbNation Publishing and paying a $50 songwriter registration fee, ReverbNation will be the exclusive Publishing Administrator globally for you with Warner Chappell Music handling all of the registration, collection, and administration of your songs.

  • Can I utilize ReverbNation Publishing if I'm already working with a Publisher or Publishing Administrator?

    You can use ReverbNation Publishing if: your current publishing agreement period has ended; you've legally terminated a publishing agreement and have the rights to work with a new publishing partner; or if your current publishing administration agreement applies only to specific songs rather than all your compositions.

  • I was a part of ReverbNation's previous Publishing Administration service. What happens to me?

    ReverbNation is launching a new Publishing Administration service. The previous ReverbNation offering with Sentric Music Publishing as the Administrator is no longer available, but all Publishing Administration services remain in effect for songwriters who signed up with the service. Songwriters who no longer wish to remain in the previous publishing relationship can terminate their agreement with its very flexible 28-day rolling contract. For more details check out the ReverbNation Help Center.